TOPCard Loyalty program, money back on your purchases with our partners

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How does it function? Save up to 10% with TOPCard

  • Get your customer card

    Download the TOPCard App, register and simply start using your virtual card right away. Do you want a plastic card? Ask the staff of any of our partners.

  • Collect points when purchasing in our partner network

    Use TOPCard for every payment with our partners and you immediately get your points. How many points depends on the total purchase value in defined goods categories.

  • Use the points for your next purchase – 1 point = 1 CZK

    Just use TOPCard as a classical payment card. 1 point equals 1 CZK. If you save 100 points, you can pay for a purchase worth 100 CZK with them. You get cashback points when paying for your purchase with TOPCard.

  • Enjoy all other benefits

    Use our app regularly and enjoy other fabulous discounts and benefits. Save money on designer items with promo codes or coupons or follow the update on fuel prices in individual gas stations.

App advantages
TOPCard World in Your Pocket


Virtual loyalty card

No more plastic cards. Simply show your card in your app and collect or redeem your points and get many more advantages.

Updated points balance

Check your points balance in your app whenever and wherever you want and review your purchase history and updated points balance.

Loyalty coupons for app users and other benefits

Our app is the only way to get unique promo codes and coupons which can be redeemed directly with our partners.

Current sale offers and flyers of our partners

Get regularly updated on current sale offers and view flyers of all our partners in one click.

Our partners in a map

Plan your route to the nearest Global Free shopping mall or find the nearest Free 1 Gas station according to your favourite services and products.

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FAQ Most frequent questions and answers

How do I collect loyalty points?

Simply use the bar code in your app or the physical TOPCard always when you´re paying our partners and you immediately get your points on your card. How many points depends on the total purchase value in defined goods categories. Review the benefits and cashbacks here.

Is TOPCard free?

You can download the app free of charge in your App Store or Google Play. The physical TOPCard is available with all our partners and is also free.

Where can I pay with my loyalty TOPCard?

You can use TOPCard for paying in chosen Free1Gas stations, Global Free shopping malls and our partners. For a detailed list please go to.

Can I also have a physical TOPCard?

Of course, there is also this possibility. You can connect your physical TOPCard with your app and so transfer your points to the app points account. After that you can use either the app or the physical card and points are collected in your account in the app.

Do I get a better exchange rate for cigarettes & tobacco?

The app shows you the exchange rates in individual gas stations and shopping malls which helps you to save money compared with customers that don´t use the app.

What phones is the app for?

All smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems.

What is the lifetime of collected point?

Each collected point is valid for 6 months within which you can redeem such points as purchase discount. If you don´t use this possibility, points will be gradually deleted from your account. Don´t worry though, the app notifies you to redeem your points.